"Lerning is the best, whilst being in the middle of event!" This is the sentence which the team of hangar 10 has chosen as the guiding principal for its young project for schools and youth groups.
"Learning on another place" is an educational program for children and teenagers meant for their intensive more playful or more specialist look into one of the following subjects:

"History Basic Level" for grade 1-6
"History general level", for grade 7-12
"Technology & physics of aviation" - Why does an aircraft fly? For Grade 7-12

Afterwords a visit to the tower isof the airfield of Heringsdorf would be possible (prior agreement required) where the day-to-day tasks and challanges on an airfield are presented.

Please contact us to individually  arrange for field days and group excursions.
As the transfer our partners: Vorpommern Greifswald Transport Assosiation (www.vvg-bus.de) and the local train company called Usedomer Bäder Bahn (www.ubb-online.de) are available for public transportation.

Please get in touch with us for any further informations and without any obligation.