Dear guests, we are on winter break since November 7th, 2022.

Hangar10 will be open again from March 30th, 2023.



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The Hangar 10 is a worldwide unique and unforgettable attraction for the whole family, based on the island of Usedom. You have the opportunity to get into the exciting world of aviation. Visit us and you will have the chance see a unmatched collection of airworthy and historical aircrafts. Expire legends such as Messerschmitt or Focke Wulf.



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2 days ago

Hangar 10 is open again after the winter break, welcome
photo credit Mieczysław Tyburski
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Hangar 10 is open again after the winter break, welcome
photo credit  Mieczysław Tyburski

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Szkoda że ten morderczy sprzęt powstał i Polskę zrównał z ziemią w 39 ale wzięli Polacy odwet w bitwie o Anglię,dywizjon 303 i inne

I NEED to visit here at some point! Such a fantastic collection.

How long? Isn't the collection for sale?

Where is this place?

Impressive collection. I'm proud to share this work of art depicting my Uncle, 1Lt. Raymond Hilgenberg's air "victory" over this Gruppen Commander's Me-109 - NOVEMBER 27th 1944: North of Dummer Lake, Germany. Ray was KIA on February 24th, 1945 by anti-aircraft fire while returning from a successful mission over Germany.

I dream to work with you🫡

Super, komme Mitte April vorbei!

Any flying days scheduled 📅? (Bf109 , FW190)

How much for the motorbike?

Wir waren vergangenes Jahr das erste mal bei euch u waren total begeistert. Schöne Ausstellung u die 109 war grad am Himmel. Sind im Juni wieder auf Usedom und bestimmt wieder bei euch

Gibts pläne für flüge?

Kettenrad, mooi exemaar!!!

NICE Kettenkrad!!!


A czy na ten rok planowane są pokazy lotnicze jak parę lat temu?

Wo ist das Hangar 10 ?

Da war ich vor 2 Jahren mit meinem Enkelsohn.Sehenswert!

Ich kaufe das KRad….. das waere was for the desert hier in Nevada

Jordan Meyer

Dennis Schaller

Jeroen Peters

Alexandre Baptistella

Rüdiger Reinke

Stefano Solferini


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1 week ago

(Fly In 2019 - Hangar 10)
photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski
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(Fly In 2019  - Hangar 10)
photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski

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The Messerschmidt BF G(Gustav)-14 was developed from the F( Friedrich) model in 1943 Towards the end of the year the clear-view, three-panel Erla Haube canopy (clearly visible on the photo) was developed.The Beule blisters which had earlier covered the spent shell-casing chutes of the synchronized fuselage-mount MG 131s were completely integrated into the upper cowling panels (also clearly visible on the photo. Major Erich "Bubi" Hartmann the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare. He flew 1,404 combat missions and participated in aerial combat on 825 separate occasions.He was credited with shooting down a total of 352 Allied aircraft flew the Messerschmidt BF 109 Gustav.

Germany had supior army,superior navy,superior air force but they still lost because no country can take on the whole world and win.

Beautiful Plane, very good design, formidable through the entire war…

They flew for either an Iron Cross or a wood cross with no other options

I think the P 51 mustang was the best fighter of World War II !!! 👍👍

Awesome plane, just love this aircraft. The pilots were heros in their own rights

So great Messerschmitt!!!!

It's beautiful it's the real thing man

All the airmen of the time, very brave men irrespective of the flag they flew under

El temido y mejor avión de la ww2

Great pic 👍👍👍

Belleza pura!!

I like the rounded cockpit on this 109--other 109'shave a square cockpit that completely ruin the graceful lines

With this Yellow paint under the bonnet can't really determine on which front was assigned or just restauration artistic impression?

Great plane, a real terror in the sky!

Beautiful plane it held its own quite well, unfortunately.

Amazing, I had a 109G & a P51 in warehouse 13 on RAAF Number 2 Stores Depot, Regents Park in Sydney. Spare engines & Props aswell. Their in Museums now.

Muito bacana esse modelo de avião

From a computer game, either IL-2 Sturmovik or War Thunder . . . the faux cruz gives it away.

Beautiful Deadly Plane Great picture👍🏴‍☠️

... looks like a H version, but not sure

Spitfire on his tail !

Is it an original B109?

Great photo.

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2 weeks ago

FW190 A8
(Fly In 2019 - Hangar 10)
photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski
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FW190 A8  
(Fly In 2019  - Hangar 10)
photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski

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Stunning aircraft

Schönes Foto, war damals live dabei. Den Start von Klaus Plasa im Tiefstflug werde ich nicht vergessen.

Eines der schönsten Flugzeuge überhaupt…!!!!!!!

Isn't this for sale?

When could we watch It flying?

Фантастическая машина!На восточном фронте,этот самолет называли "Птица-мясник"

Beautiful 190 , rather over thought colour scheme..

Schade das man der Sound auf dem Bild nicht hören kann.

Is this the plane that Rüdiger von Kirchmaier flew ? Rote 4 👍

Wenn da nicht die Me262 wäre🙂


ME109 gefällt mir besser. 😉

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4 weeks ago

photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski
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photo credit: Mieczysław Tyburski

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Schade das kein Investor gefunden wird um diese einzigartige Sammlung zu erhalten.

Hate no tail markings!

Einfach nur wunderschön.



Schade da geht mein Vorbild verloren 😂

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4 weeks ago

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Beautiful images, thank you for sharing. What's the name of the app you used to edit them?

1 month ago

rear cockpit Bf 109 G12 ... See MoreSee Less

rear cockpit Bf 109 G12Image attachment

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I see you are all for sale.

How much for a ride in there? 🤔😂

Alle Flugzeuge werden gerade verkauft 🥲 Das war es dann wohl mit Hangar 10 😭

Bf 106 with Rolls Royce engine!!

Das ist aber keine G-12 sondern eine Hispano HA-1112-M1L – Buchón, die aus der G-2 weiterentwickelt wurde.

when flights for passengers?

Zur Zeit des Umbaus auf zweisitzig.

Einmal damit fliegen dürfen 🤩

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